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Career Group

10100 Santa Monica Blvd.

90067 Los Angeles

United States of America

+1 212-750-8188

Career Group

  • Active since 1981
  • 50+ employees


Career Group connects clients who have administrative opportunities with well-suited candidates, ensuring seamless position transitions by leveraging decades of industry experience and a more refined, hands-on approach to staffing solutions.

We are the original boutique staffing firm, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the administrative space that dates back to 1981. We go above and beyond what the job requires, providing a wide variety of ever-changing opportunities in niche markets across the nation. Full-time job seekers are on the hunt for a long-term administrative position, or a stepping stone into their chosen profession that will open doors down the road to the corner office of their dreams.

Whether temporary or full-time, our aim is to connect the right clients and candidates. We believe that success isn’t just landing a job. It’s finding a smarter path to a successful career.

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